Stylus Pens For The iPad or iPhone

Touch Pens And Combination Stylus/Pens

Cheap Stylus is a site devoted to stylus pens, and products related to the iPad or iPhone. You can check out the range available for sale through Amazon by taking a look in the right sidebar.

I would suggest that if you’re going to lash out on a touch pen, you might as well get a good one, and you might as well get one with a pen for writing on the other end.

All of these products are of the highest quality, and work on any touchscreen device, not just an iPad or iPhone.

To buy, simply click on one of the photos in the sidebar, or on this page, or the blog pages, and get redirected to the Amazon payment page for that product.

Silver Combination Stylus/Pen

Combination Stylus Pen

This is my favorite of all the touch pen products for sale on this site. It’s a stylish twist-out pen on one end, and on the other, a quality stylus.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, or any other touchscreen device, and you haven’t tried using a touch pen, you don’t know what you’re missing.

I use this model everyday, to click on buttons on my iPad screen, in fact I’m typing these words with it right now.

This is the top of the range of all the products we’ve tested, and my personal favorite, just click on the photo of it to buy for $8.95, or that was the price at the time of writing this.

You can visit Amazon by clicking on one of the photos in the sidebar, and from there you can check out the range of products by searching on that site.

I used to try to sell the products by posting them out myself, but it took too much work, and Amazon was just too cheap in comparison, and they send out stuff for you for not much extra than the cost of postage.

Black Stylus/Roller Pen

This one is a great pen, that writes really well, and it has a great quality touch pen on the other end.

I was selling this one for $10.95 including postage, but Amazon can beat that, and so I am no longer trying to post off items myself. You can click on the photo to buy one sold by someone else, but some of these links actually lead you to my own products on Amazon.

It took thirty minutes and about five dollars in postage and petrol and time to send off a product I had to order from China, when Amazon does all the work for you, and they have a much better range.

Combination Stylus/pen

This is the most basic model on our site, in terms of a combination stylus and pen in one.

Again, I no longer do sales of these cheap stylus pens from China, there are much better, more affordable, higher quality items for sale on Amazon, which include some of my own, but mostly other people’s pens.

If you look hard enough, you may be able to find a set of three of these for less than ten dollars including postage there.

I have given up trying to sell stylus pens for the most part, as there’s not much profit in it, but I thought I would keep this site running to sell the ones I bought.

Now, if you want to buy a cheap stylus touch pen, click on one of the photos in the right sidebar, and get redirected to Amazon, where I’m sure you will find a great bargain.

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